Leadership Enrichment

The paths to Leadership Enrichment lie in honing the strengths of your employees and also pick them up when they fall. We enrich the lives of people in your organisation by providing holistic services that serves their professional and personal needs.

The concept of “the learning organisation” is about creating the workplace environment that facilitates, encourages and rewards learning. In the absence of these conditions, learning leadership soft skills alone is not sufficient to be leveraged to retain the Gen Y or the Millennials.

NACN Consulting with its team of Clinical and Counselling Psychologists together with ex-Corporate Executives have together undertaken surveys of corporation on the issues facing them today in sustaining and growing their organisations in the area of their Talent Retention and Succession Planning. Through the findings NACN Consulting has developed a series of corporate training workshops for the Gen X middle-management leadership to address the issues through understanding and engaging the Gen Y and the Millennials.

Leadership Enrichment Training Workshops:

Positive Psychology

Appreciative Inquiry

Integral Mindfulness

Stress Management

Crisis Management

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