Integral Mindfulness Leadership Training Workshop

We enable businesses to bring mindfulness principles into their Organisational Development functions.

  • Tapping potential is, by definition, seeing others for what they can grow to be, rather than what they are. Mindful leaders encourage and support learning in their teams and provide stretch and challenge to create new brain circuitry.
  • The leadership style and approach strongly impacts the social environment. Our Integral Mindfulness approach shall enable your leaders to experience how their behaviours can send the right messages.
  • Management of the threat and reward sensitivities amongst their employees is the critical and delicate balancing act of leaders in key roles across an organisation. Employees are highly sensitised to threat and reward signals that emanate from their leaders: To manage this we create awareness of what signals your leaders are sending through our Integral Mindfulness program training program.

rcuserIntegral Mindfulness Leadership Training Workshop