Positive Psychology Leadership Training Workshop

We introduce a workplace culture that promotes positive behaviours and enables an energised environment. We develop leadership that realises the people equation – managing from the heart to achieve positive result through engagement.

Developing Talents; Enriching Organisations

  • The social brain connects with the community created by your organisational culture. The values, norms and behaviours that underpin this culture will create the environment that either draws or repels talent. We help structure behaviours to retain and sustain the type of talent you need.
  • We examine the context to describe your organisation’s culture. Is it fun, supportive, humanistic or performance driven, sink or swim, competitive? Which aspects of your culture are threatening and which offer reward?
  • Social connections are a primary motivator to work. People connect with people. Strengthening social connections at work creates a sense of belonging, a network of relationships. Engagement is the end result of strong workplace connections.
  • During these times of change and uncertainty, employees need leadership, not followership, from their managers. They have grown tired of management that makes them feel as if they don’t have a relationship with leadership they can count on – one that is reliable, honest and trusting or ‘authentic’.

rcuserPositive Psychology Leadership Training Workshop