Achieve Talent Retention & Optimisation with NACN’s Contemporary Training Workshops

Our vision: Developing Talents
Our mission: Enriching Organisations

The Talent Management Challenge:

  • Managing an expressive and distinct young generation grown up with its own mindset immersed in its own world views of the internet and social media era – a generation wanting to be heard and engaged.
  • Deep seated old school management approach of the middle and senior management brought up in the harsh realities of construction, restructuring and rapid development era demanding unquestionable allegiance and compliance to achieve economic success.

Our objective – to future proof businesses by:

  • Unleashing the dormant warm inner potential and create self awareness of the middle management to effectively engage the high potentials of the Gen Y and particularly the attention demanding Millennials for talent retention.
  • Leading organisations in creating the utopian reality of an inspiring and energising workplace the younger workforce is searching for.
  • Profiling career paths for the young generation to commensurate with their own aspirations and search for values in their careers.
  • Availing a sustainable talent pool of younger employees for succession planning to enable the Gen X to move into the senior roles and responsibilities of retiring baby-boomer generation leaders.

Our innovative leadership enrichment training approach:

Bridge the gap between generations through ‘Contemporary Talent Management Concepts’ by tapping into the positive engagement values of Appreciative Inquiry; Positive Psychology; Integral Mindfulness and Leadership-Profiling.

Unleashing your organisations’ Talent Potential through the ‘contemporary Talent Management techniques’ of Appreciative Inquiry; Positive Psychology; Integral Mindfulness and Leadership-Profiling.

Learn how to future proof your organisation:

  • By creating the utopian reality of an inspiring and energising workplace through the “new era talent management concepts”.
  • By enabling the Gen X managerial talent pool to effectively engage the Gen Y and the Millennials to assure talent retention of leadership potentials with right profile.
  • By availing a sustainable talent pool of younger employees for succession planning to fill the roles and responsibilities of retiring baby boomer generation leaders.

The Senior Management Challenges in Talent Retention

Meet challenges of managers and leaders, in addressing high attrition rate:

  • Why change initiatives are met with scepticism, when they are designed to improve things?
  • Why is it so challenging to motivate and engage employees?
  • Why leadership profiling for a high potential is crucial prior to filling a senior role?
  • Why does a high potential leave upon appointment to a senior position?
  • Why a decent pay check alone not good enough?

Through Positive Psychology; Appreciative Inquiry; Integral Mindfulness & Leadership Profiling

  • We enable organisations to bring mindfulness principles into their Organisational Development functions.
  • We introduce a workplace culture that promote ‘appreciative’ behaviours and enables an energised environment.
  • We develop leadership that realises the people equation – managing from the heart to achieve positive result through engagement.
  • We have techniques to ensure that efficient and high potential employees do not leave your company due to a mismatch in their expectations upon their appointment to senior roles.
  • We profile the right traits for succession planning and restructuring with talent pool having the correct aptitude to fit the role.

Talent Management, Threat & Reward

Throughout the employee lifecycle there are situations and opportunities that challenge the threat/reward balance.

Consider the inherent threats and rewards that exist in your employee when:

  • You conduct a performance appraisal.
  • When you review an employee for an executive management role or senior position you desperately want to fill.
  • You assign a highly critical task an employee with a high expectation on the execution.
  • How they feel and react when you tell them, “I’d like to give you some feedback”.

During these times of change and uncertainty, employees need leadership, not followership, from their managers. They have grown tired of management that makes them feel as if they don’t have a relationship with leadership they can count on – one that is reliable, honest and trusting or ‘authentic’.

Leadership Enrichment

  • Tapping potential is, by definition, seeing others for what they can grow to be, rather than what they are. Mindful leaders encourage and support learning in their teams and provide stretch and challenge to create new brain circuitry.
  • The leader’s style and approach strongly influences the social environment. We show your leaders’ how their behaviours can send the right messages.
  • Leaders are in a crucial position for managing the threat/reward balance in their teams and across the organisation. Employees are highly sensitised to threat and reward signals that emanate from their leaders: We create awareness of what signals your leaders are sending.


  • The concept of “the learning organisation” is about creating the workplace environments that facilitate, encourage and reward learning. In the absence of these conditions, learning leadership soft skills alone is not sufficient to be leveraged to retain the post moderns.
  • The social brain connects with the community created by your organisational culture. The values, norms and behaviours that underpin this culture will create the environment that either draws or repels talent. We help structure behaviours to retain and sustain the type of talent you need.
  • We examine the context to describe your organisation’s culture. Is it fun, supportive, humanistic or performance driven, sink or swim, competitive? Which aspects of your culture are threatening and which offer reward?


  • Social connections are a primary motivator to work. People connect with people. Strengthening social connections at work creates a sense of belonging, a network of relationships. Engagement is the end result of strong workplace connections.
  • Appreciative inquiry clearly points to heightened reward states. In this state, employees are more open-minded and creative. It counters the threat state that predisposes employees to limbic driven thinking, which is reactive and protective. We create an environment that enables the ‘thriving’ of your talent pool.

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